Hoi An Food Safari is a relatively new business, being established in 2014 so travellers could participate in a safe local food experience whilst exploring the streets of Hoi An. Word of mouth quickly spread about us and then friends of previous customers also wanted to participate on a personalised tour experiencing the delights of typical Hoi An cuisine.

Our aim is that our small group and personalised tours, led by local guides, are run in a professional, socially responsible and sustainable way to what you would expect of a western standard business. We also take pride at offering a truly wonderful experience not only to visitors of Hoi An and its surrounds, but also with our tour groups interaction with locals who we have all become part of the bigger Safari Family!

Unique sights, sounds, smells and foods that some of the reasons why people travel. Things are moving so fast in Vietnam and with tourism exploding as it becomes a popular travel destination, unique food offerings are also changing to cater for western tastes. Original street vendors are quietly disappearing as tourists eat fusion Vietnamese thinking this is the real thing. Likewise, sadly the younger locals start to eat more and more western foods like burgers and pizza! Street vendors see the changes and they realise that they can make more money doing other things. This is why we believe in working with these remaining street vendors to keep the street foods and traditions alive. We pay higher prices for these street foods as an incentive for the vendors and hopefully making it a little more financially viable to keep operating in the more traditional ways.

We look forward in meeting you and showing you a fantastic side of Vietnam and particularly Hoi An that we are sure will go down as a highlight of your travels!

Regards The Hoi An Food & Bike Safari Team


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